Technological Neutrality

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The paper speaks about the both positive and negative arguments of the concept of technological neutrality. Technology is the part and parcel of present people's daily life having aesthetic and devil impact on world. The experts and philosophers on interpretation of the influence of technology in life are concerned about the ongoing misuse of technology. The debate is whether technology itself becomes destructive and detrimental to us or the people inventing technology are responsible to make it more harmful for their own greediness. States are preparing to adopt new laws regarding the proper, exact and neutral use of technology in a sense to protect the deviation of technology behavior. The introduction tells about the fundamental impact and effectiveness of technology in life; "definition of technology" goes ahead to identify the various aspect of technology development stages; "autonomous technology" heading finds out the true characters of technology as against to human power and strength; "neutral technology" implies the adaptation of laws for neutral use of technology itself; "neutrality principle in economy and communication science" has the notion of impartial rationale of being unbiased for upholding technology neutrality principle in practice; and finally the conclusion ends with summing up the average influences of technology on human being at large.

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